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  • James D Owens(CEO/President): After working 4 years at FedEx Office and another 4 years of driving for OfficeMax, the store closed because Office Depot took over and my OfficeMax store was 1 of many stores that closed in that situation, so  I had to make some moves, but I understood what small-businesses and small medical practices needed in order to grow their company, and thats why I built Owens Print & Creative Solutions, to use my experience and expertise to help small businesses become well known and grow! The power in digital print & design is to make your target audience react to your marketing campaign online and offline, and that s what we do best, we help you cause reactions!

  • We have the best solutions for driving profits, lead reactions, engagement and revenue growth! Having strong online and offline communications is key to engaging a larger audience, giving you a much stronger conversion opportunity. e991e92c2845dce174d8 

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Additional Advertising Tools & Services

Large Format Printing

  • Retractable banners
  • Vinyl banners
  • Outdoor banners
  • Spider banners
  • Foam-boards

Trade show Printing

  • Table cloths
  • Back drops
  • Retractable banners
  • Table tents

Consulting Services

  • Online marketing consulting
  • Offline marketing consulting
  • Start-up business consulting

Special Custom Printing Options

Specialty Printing

  • Raised Print Business cards
  • Raised Print Flyers
  • Kraft cards
  • Kraft flyers
  • Spot printing
  • Foil printed business cards
  • Thermography
  • Book Printing
  • Magazine Printing

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Best Benefits of [Printing and Design]

How to Scale with (Print Marketing)?

  • To immediately start gaining traction to your small business with print marketing, you have to start engaging your target audience.

  • Potential customers within your own community, places you drive past every day, companies and people that sit right in your own neighborhood.

  • Engage them by dropping by to introduce your self and politely ask for a manager or owner if visiting a business.

  • Once the owner or manger comes out, shake their hand and introduce yourself to them and give them your business card and flyer, then ask for the meeting to share your expertise and services on bettering their company or life.

  • If they agree to your meeting, politely hand them a brochure, which has much more in depth details about your products and services.

How to Know your [target audience]?

To find your target audience, you must do research on your market and industry, this can be done through Google and YouTube. We go over this with you in our marketing consulting packages, through our advertising agency.

After you learn about your industry, look into your own client base.

Create a survey for them with a few specific questions about what they like, don't like and why do they shop with you, this information will be golden on growing your business.

Use the feed back in the creation of your digital advertising and digital printing campaigns, such as: flyers, brochures and your website design. Printing services will increase foot traffic to your business. Cheap printing services with powerful benefits! 

Know the difference between [Branding] VS [Marketing]

  • (Branding) is the quality and attractiveness of your logo, color scheme and company image and how each of these elements compliments one another as a whole in representing your company.

  • (Marketing) is the system or campaign used to connect the branding to the target audience in order to attract them to your services and products. If your target audience don't see your brand they can't come experience your brand. 

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