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  • We Help small businesses get new customers with: Creative digital marketing services.

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  • We help small businesses get new customers with online digital marketing services.

  • The best 2 channels to start with is Facebook and LinkedIn. Facebook for the business groups- you can join groups depending on your industry to start building new relationships outside of your regular friends list. With LinkedIn, you can easily become connected to the gate keepers of your target audience, whether your B2B or B2C.

  • Don't focus on Google algorithms or special tricks for Google! Cater to the needs of your customers and your market, if you do that, then the algorithms and everything else will follow. Google does not buy from you, customers buy from you, so focus on pleasing customer needs and not Google needs. Focus on only one marketing persona per ad, making the message very direct. The marketing persona can be the marketing director, the CEO or the procurement manager, only choose one of them per ad or per marketing post. If you target more than one, your message will be too broad and will get washed out.

  • Stop trying to sell to your customers and start educating them, using your expertise in the market. Give them the information they need to become better and smarter customers, people don't like to be sold to and never will, educate your customers and build relationships with them.

Digital marketing for small businesses

Digital marketing for small businesses

Get new customers with internet marketing

digital marketing, Social media marketing services in Cleveland, Ohio

Social Media Marketing

  • Social media marketing is marketing your business through social media channels, where most of your audience is hanging out at, if your not getting into social media, then your business may lose out to your competitors over the next few years.

Website design, online design in Cleveland, Ohio

Website Design

  • Having a website is very important because thats the online heart of your business, it's the place all of your traffic lands from Google, Bing, Yahoo and all of the social media channels that you participate in. It's essential that it is attractive and is SEO optimized, for the search engines to find you for people looking for your type of business.

Digital printing, online printing in Cleveland, Ohio

Digital Printing

  • Digital printing is great for raising awareness and breaking ice in your local community through EDDM-Direct mail and by handing out business cards, flyers  and brochures locally. We help many small businesses with printing services in Beachwood, Ohio.                 

Why is raising awareness so important?

Advertising  online and offline is extremely important because it is the strategy of communicating your brand and message to your target audience, without it your target audience cannot see your business online or offline.

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  • Hello, I'm James D Owens, thank you for visiting our website, I started Owens Print & Creative Solutions to help small businesses build effective marketing campaigns on a limited budget! Being a small business owner is not an easy task, but a weak marketing system will surely put you out of business, if people don't see you they can't support your business or buy from your business, so we make marketing effective, affordable and easy. Thank you for your support! We are Based in Cleveland, Ohio!

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