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  • Our specialty is in setting up, optimizing and managing your company website, social media marketing channels and paid advertising campaigns.
  • The future of business and commerce is going digital and global, we assure that your company is up to speed on modern day marketing and advertising.
  •  Marketing is like a piece of art and your industry is the canvas! You paint the image of your business that you want the world to see! Customers are attracted to artwork that is unique, attractive and exciting all in one viewing! This is how you want your marketing to appear and this is how Owens Print & Creative Solutions will paint your image within your industry! 

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B2B Internet Marketing

Analyze your internet marketing

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  • Internet marketing is what we specialize in here at Owens Print & Creative Solutions, and the first step we take in helping you grow your business is to analyze your current internet marketing campaign and website to see if it's optimized for search engines such as Google, Bing and yahoo. If your online internet marketing campaign and website is weak, potential clients will not be able to find your business. We will also analyze your offline marketing campaign to see if you have any weaknesses there. 

Diagnose your marketing problem

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  • After we have analyzed your internet marketing and offline marketing. We then run a few test on your current website, social media pages and any paid ads  if applicable in order to diagnose your marketing problems. Weak marketing or no marketing is one of the primary reasons small businesses fail and go out of business. Neglect and being too cheap on your marketing can cost you your business.

Give Effective Creative Solutions

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  • Once the diagnosis has been completed, we will then offer the best creative solutions to bring more awareness, new customers and higher conversions to your business. After working with hundreds of small businesses, we understand the science behind human behavior, reasons people buy and how to market to your target audience, depending on your market & industry. We as people do not buy what we need or want, we make purchases based on our fears and passions.

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Social Media Marketing


  • Social media marketing is sharing your website domain name on your  social media channels, such as: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The social media option is a great way to build a strong following for your business and meet new people that need your services, especially when you take advantage of the different groups, depending on your business industry.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising


  • PPC (-Pay-Per-Click) is when you have a google ad up and you get charged every-time someone clicks on your ad, which takes them to your website to fulfill a call to action, such as donating, purchasing or shopping. If you want to see very fast results, this is the best option for you. This option quickly drives traffic to your website within a matter of minutes after your Google ad goes live.

Search engine optimization

What is SEO(search engine optimization)

  • SEO(search engine optimization) is a marketing strategy that allows your website to show up in search engines according to keywords and keyword phrases that pertain to your business without having to pay per click as you would for very fast traffic with PPC(pay-per-click). This type of traffic is referred to as natural traffic or organic traffic, which is traffic you don't have to pay for per visit or per click. This is the slowest way to get traffic to your website, but the most permanent option to get traffic to your website, this marketing method can take up to 6 months to see results.

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James D Owens

CEO of Owens Print & Creative Solutions

  • Hello, my name is James D Owens and I'm the CEO/President of Owens Print & Creative Solutions, I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio.  After working in the print marketing industry for 8 years, I was forced to leave my last employer due to a unexpected acquisition, which was a blessing in disguise, because it gave me the opportunity to start my own business and give customers a different experience in the market place. I have a vision to change the world with my idea! I started this business with no investors or capital, and I like to share my story with our clients to show them that if I could build a business on my own without help then they can too, which is a huge inspiration for many of them. Going into business for yourself can be a very scary experience at the beginning, but it can be done and you can be successful. My mission is to help small businesses become large businesses by using our affordable advertising bundles, where we cover digital printing, website design, social media marketing and branding services all in one location. Thank you for your support, we really appreciate your business!

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Evangelist Omelia Thornton

  • 1 review
  • 8 months ago-
    This company is very professional and met every detail of the project. I have already started to recommend the services to my associates! Omelia C. Thornton, President and CEO of First Invest, Inc.

Martina Ford

  • 4 reviews
  • 2 months ago-
    Great customer service, flexible hours, and on time delivery. Owens Print and Creative Solutions is worth every dollar, and I will continue to do business with this company.

Amber Burris