James D Owens

James D Owens


  • James D Owens founded Owens & Associates in 2015, which was changed to Owens Print & Creative Solutions about 1 year later after becoming a member of Jumpstart in Cleveland, Ohio and becoming a student in their entrepreneur cohort program where Mr. Owens began his mentorship under  the Jumpstart establishment. 

  • Mr. Owens, began his journey to build Owens Print & Creative Solutions after he had to leave his previous job at OfficeMax, because they were acquired by Office Depot. James had the alternative to take over another employees job at another location or leave an figure something out. James decided to take a leap of faith with no investors, no capital and no mentors. 

  • He had no idea what he was in for at the time, but knew that God would lead the way for him, giving him what he needed along the way. What God gave him was hands on experiences in the form of mistakes, failures and trial & error. Which is a fair deal to sacrifice the first 3-4 years to learning, only for the company to be a success for the next 100 years.

  • The keys to success are gratitude, believing in God, following your gift, have a dream to reach for and never ever give up. This combination will take you where you want to be in life, but it takes hard work and alot of mistakes. success is a process.