About Our CEO/President

James Owens and Owens print & Creative Solutions

James D Owens

  • James Owens was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, graduated from South High school and moved on to Cleveland State University to take up business, shortly after that worked 4 years at FEDEX Office, then to OfficeMax for another 4 years until that store closed because the company was acquired by Office Depot and was offered to take over someone elses position at another location or to take a buy out & figure something out. James felt that he could build a better system of marketing, designed to help small businesses and startups with affordable marketing solutions online and offline. So with no capital, no investors and no mentors, James took a leap of faith and founded Owens Print & Creative Solutions LLC, which had a very rough start in the first 3 years because of a lack of capital, help & knowledge of business systems. James Owens is a prime example of a die hard entrepreneur, that understands that knowledge is power, especially when you have an open mind and a willingness to learn how to do things better in order to improve yourself, your staff and your company.

  • Jams Owens: "When you don't have capital, mentors or alot of business knowledge in general, all you can count on is your work ethics, learn as much as possible from research, learn from your mistakes and drive hard for your dream and the rest will follow. I've made a ton of mistakes along the way, but I learned from them and can now better restructure the system to serve our customers better and get them better results with their businesses. 

  • "Your success is nearby, never stop pushing forward!!"