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How to get more traffic to your website

Learn to master social media

master social media-social media

  • Start to take advantage of the free platforms of social media! Use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, 
  • Pinterest and Twitter, each platform has it's own ability to bring you more business as long as you engage with it and use your content wisely and persistently, start to look at your social media page as a distribution center for your business.
  • Start to get involved with the groups within your genre, this is the only free way to connect with people outside of your friends list, don't get involved with just 1 group, get involved with 6 or 10 groups, create a storm with your content at least 3 times a day.  

Make Youtube Videos

YouTube videos-market with YouTube

  • If you want to start getting more traffic to your website, start getting comfortable with making YouTube video's about your industry, give out free content and educate your audience on how to become better within that industry. Use attractive headlines and start funneling your audience to your website, so that they could see how your products or services will benefit they're overall goal and dream.

Utilize email subscriptions


  • Email subscription list is one of the most powerful methods to increase your following, but utilize forming your articles to educate and inform your audience about the industry and not on your individual business. Make all of your information about the pain points that your customers are having.