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  • What is a premium business card? A  business card is simply a communication tool, used to deliver the message of who you are, what you do and how to contact you. However it's not only the information thats important, but also the material that the information is printed onto, is the stock heavy or flimsy, is it high quality or low quality? The card paints a pretty good picture of who you are, as a professional.

  • We design and print business cards online that match your profession and personality. Your customers will best remember you by the customization of your business card.

unique shaped business cards

Standard Business cards

standard business cards | rectangle business cards | premium business cards | affordable cards

  • Great for standard business usage, these cards are rectangle in shape, 14 pt glossy-2 sided-Full color.

Circle business cards

circle business cards | round business cards | custom round business cards | circle cards

  • Circle business cards are different and fun, great for fun businesses such as: day cares, special entertainment events, pet stores and services alike. They come 2 sided-Full color-1-3 inches in size and can range from 14 pt - 32 pt glossy.

32pt Thick Business cards

32 point business cards | thick business cards | super thick business cards | heavy business cards

  • Use these super thick 32 pt business cards if you really want to make an impression, these cards only come in matte and not glossy. Thick business cards are rarely used so when you hand them to people, the always take a double look at them. Thick business cards last longer, because of how thick they are and much harder to rip, tear or deteriorate.

Oval business cards

oval business cards | custom oval business cards | oval cards | egg cards

  • Oval business cards are like the circle cards and are very fun to hand out, people like them and will keep them longer because of the odd shape. Oval cards come 2 sided-Full color-glossy and can range in sizes, depending on your business needs for them.

Square business cards

square business cards | square cards | squared business cards | box cards | cube cards

  • Square business cards are pretty popular around design and craft driven businesses, they have a very unique look to them as of the circle and oval cards do. Square cards come 2 sided-Full color-14 pt glossy.

Custom Die-cut business cards

custom die cut business cards | die cut cards | custom business cards | die cut

  • Custom die cut business cards, can be more expensive than the other business card options, because an extra die setup charge of about $60 has to be applied to the over all design and printing cost. However, the die cut business cards has the highest level of personalization, which makes them memorable for your prospects to remember you by. Great promotional and advertising tools. 


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Print marketing attracts new customers!


  • Print marketing is a good option in attracting attention to your brand. Passing out business cards-flyers and brochures at special events and business meetings is an effective way to utilize custom print.
  • Many small businesses use this method with EEDM-Direct mail to place themselves in front of people that may be interested in using they're services.
  • Print is great for raising awareness in your local community. Printing tools is a tangible way to get prospects from your community to visit your online store.
  • Printing is a very large part of the advertising world, we see print on the side of the local buses, on the menu's we browse during lunch and even the shirts we wear as we rush out to work everyday. However, it's a great way to grow your business and promote your brand in the community.
  • You become a mobile billboard whenever you wear your brand or logo on your shirt, jacket or vehicle, this opens room for curious onlookers to spark up some conversation in line or write down your phone number from the advertising off the side of the vehicle, whether it's parked in a Giant Eagle parking lot or driving down the highway. 
  • Many people and businesses will only do business with companies that are local. It's very important to have a strong tangible advertising campaign, it could make or break your business, simply because your local community is the foundation of your business, especially if you have good prices, and good services & products.