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We design premium logo's for your business and offer branding solutions, 

normal logo delivery is 2-3 business days

Regular rate: $125 - on sale for $75 Limited Time Offer!

The logo sets the mark for the companies entire brand identity - marketing & advertising campaigns, starting with the primary 2-3 company colors. All marketing material from the business cards to the website must be consistent with these primary 2-3 logo colors in order to be a relevant brand that onlookers we accept and take into consideration. A brand that is not consistent with it's logo is a turnoff to potential buyers, this is why the logo is so important to the company and brand overall. A weak logo, makes for a weak image and a weak image makes for weak sales, and if a company has no sales, there would be no business.


A few questions that we normally ask up front before starting are:

Which 2-3 colors best represents your company?

Can you send us an example or link to a logo that you really like, to point us in the right direction?

What type of business do you have?

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