Secrets to success

Better your sales!

  • Pay attention to details 
  • Cold call to setup meetings, not to sell over the phone.
  • Go out in the field and visit your target audience to introduce yourself and hand the your business card and brochure.
  • Be active on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.
  • Create promotions every week, to help your customers save money.
  • Always follow up even if it takes up to 12-15 times before they spend with you, always follow up.
  • Always lead with questions like a doctor, find the problems then offer a solutions, this works for any industry or market.

Become a better entrepreneur

  • Maintain a positive attitude
  • Always be helpful and an expert of your industry.
  • Be teachable, never stop learning.
  • Learn and apply!
  • Treat others with respect, whether they work for you or not.
  • Understand that business is a team sport and always will be.
  • Always have a goal and a realistic goal to reach that plan.
  • Always take the blame for what goes wrong with the business, never finger point!

Mastering your craft

  • Be a consistent student of your industry!
  • Ask your customers what do they love most about your business.
  • Research ways to make your products or services better.