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what is seo marketing

Custom Website Package Includes:

  • SEO: (Search engine optimization) which helps you to gain organic traffic from the the primary search engines such as: Google, Bing and yahoo.

  • Favicon: The little image that show's up in the search box, when customers type in your URL.

  • Up to 10 pages: unlimited pages for the eCommerce online store.

  • Membership pages: These are pages that members of your business or organization can only access.

  • Domain name: The domain name is the name of your online store or URL that customers type into the search engines to find your page directly, for example: apple.com or nike.com

  • Paypal: This is a button to sell certain items or to accept donations with one click, but this is not an online store or cart.

  • We optimize your website so that your website looks professional and shows up in the search engines for organic traffic.

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  • The website or online store is in position to educate your online visitors and also offer your visitors the option to purchase directly from the store without your physical involvement. 

  • However, all of your sales and marketing channels funnel your prospects to different pages on your website It saves you alot of time, depending on the product or service they are most interested in. This is why you want your site to be highly optimized in order to convert your visitors into buying customers.

  • Your online store acts as an employee that operates 24/7 for you. It saves you alot of time and money, because instead of having to give prospects the entire breakdown of your business, you simply refer everyone to your website, where anyone can access it on their smart phone, laptop or iPad. 

  • online sales is your most important element because your reaching a much broader audience and your online store is the first face the online visitor will see. 

  • Most visitors will not return to your website, so you want to make the best first impression on everyone that visits.

  • When your first having a website built, your best marketing option to get the fastest results is PPC, using Google ads! Why, because people go to Google to buy what they are looking for and when you pay for ads, your business ad get's placed at the top of the search results as long as your Google ad is properly formatted with content and keywords.

  • Your next move after you have a Google ad campaign live, is too setup an SEO campaign in order to start growing your organic presence on the major search engines such as: Google, Bing and Yahoo, so that when people search for your type of products & services, you show in the search results without having to pay-per-click, which is a longer process, but well worth the wait. 

  • Organic traffic is much more natural and permanent than paid traffic is. SEO optimization is based on your sites content-images-image names-back links-hyperlinks and headline titles.

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What is eCommerce SEO?


  • SEO is short for (search engine optimization) which is a marketing strategy used on the pages of your website to help the major search engines such as: Google, Bing and Yahoo, to find your website based on key words and keyword combinations used in the content on your web pages.

  • There are 2 major ways to optimize your website for search results:

  • SEO (search engine optimization)

  • PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising

  • PPC you get charged per ad click, but get fast results and SEO is free per click but takes up to 6 months to show search engine results.

  • Both options are highly effective when used together in the same marketing campaign, one is the sprint and the other is the marathon.

  • SEO is the most effective strategy when it comes to internet marketing, simply because the outcome is permanent, organic and it does not depend on how much money you put into it like PPC ads do. 

  • SEO is based on content, back-links and keywords primarily, the only downfall to this is having the patience to wait 3-6 months for the results. 

  • However, if in 6 months you go from 16 visits a month to 5,000 visits a month, the wait was worth the results.



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  • Having a Custom website design is very important because all business is moving online and your website is your cyber realty, your space online.

  • Thousands of more people can learn and buy from  for your business when it's online, having a website is more convenient for your customers.

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  • While you sleep at night, your website is continuing to work for you and sell for you. The website is a powerful marketing tool for your business.

  • Your website becomes a work horse for your business, when you use the combination of PPC and SEO marketing. 

  • One channel gives immediate results and the other gives long-term organic results, this is why it's best to utilize both options.



  • You are no longer competing against building size or any other physical features, because we are now in the digital age, where your business can be just as appealing to your target audience as a $500 million dollar company.

  • Your online store and your content is whats most important now, in order to gain more traffic. Your presence on social media, plays a huge factor now when it comes to growing your business.